Incredible Facts About Music

In many cultures, traditions and values, the universe itself was set in motion through sound and vibration. This has resulted to a popular belief that sound can be used to enhance the connection of a person to the source energy (divine or whatever form you chose to name it).

Therefore, drumming, chanting, and several other forms of music play became essential ways to transcend from the physical world into the spiritual realm. In this state, individuals were rewarded with precise guidance, healing, as well as other forms of gifts to help them in their journey of life.
In some legends, the heroes in the story usually pass the sirens and are in peril to get their enemies drawn into the manipulative power they possess through beautiful singing. In most cases, no one was ever successful in escaping this beautiful singing. This expresses the incredible power that goes along with the beauty hidden in music.


Fast forwarding to the present day, science has proven that these old and mystical practices had their merit. In the past, everything surrounding us was thought to be solid, but now were are continually discovering that it is in fact some form of energy, and this energy is constantly vibrating in different frequencies. Our thoughts have also been proven to have vibrations and that they produce a frequency. These thoughts and feelings usually draw to us life experiences as well as situations.

In this case, music enriches our lives rather than drawing us into some dark or ominous powers just as in the story told by homer, a Greek philosopher. Music is a very important and powerful tool of influencing our moods, and has a great ability to make a person feel good in short while. It is able to lift the audience of a performance or concert to another level, losing them in time and space.

Check Out These Amazing Facts About Music.

Invention of the Record

Leon Scott, a French scientist, created the first record in 1857. He recorded sound onto a paper that had been blackened by candle wax. This was called a phonoautograph. About 20 years later, Thomas Edison recorded sound onto wax cylinders, creating the phonograph. Emile Berliner adapted this idea and ten years later, he recorded sound onto a flat candle wax disc, creating the first LP.
UK Singles Chart
The year 1952 saw the birth of the UK singles chart, and the first track to top the charts was “Here in My Heart” by Al Martino. The track remained number one subsequently for nine weeks. A popular UK magazine, the New Musical Express, mostly referred to as the NME, was published weekly since 1953 in March. This was the first British paper to include singles chart in its publications. It also became the best-selling British music magazine in the 1970s.

Music Cassette Tapes

Cassette tapes were originally used to record dictations in offices and businesses. It was in 1964 when the tapes begun being used as a means to bring music to the world. Between early 1970s and around late 1990s, cassette tapes were one of the most common formats in which music was recorded. The other format was the LP. In 1983, the compact disc was born, and by the early 1990’s, the sales of the compact discs had by far overtaken that of tape cassettes.

Healing Benefits of Music

Aside from the spiritual, emotional and ethical impact that music has on the human mind, recent scientific studies have shown that there are exceptional benefits of music in terms of healing. Several researches and studies have proven that there specific sounds and music that have resulted into considerable multiple healing benefits.

Even in cases of severe human ailments, there is an ever-growing field of health care known as Music Therapy. It utilizes music including its different forms in order to heal patients of diseases such as cancer, ADHD, Parkinson’s, etc. Several hospitals and healthcare centers are taking music therapy as a great research are in the efforts to improve pain management treatment, promote movement, help ward off depression, easing muscle tension, as well as calming patients.

Studies and researches have consistently proven the immense impact music has on the brain. The rhythm as well as the beats of music can simulate brain waves to resonate in sync with the rhythm and consequently transport the human mind into a crescendo of concentration, which will result into a meditative tranquil state of mind. Researches have also revealed that the ‘magic wand of music’ has the ability to influence the physiological functions of the brain, and therefore the related functions such as breathing, the autonomous nervous system, as well as the heart rate.

In this case, music therapy is constantly being used to counteract and also prevent the damaging effect of chronic stress and therefore promote relaxation as well as great health and wellness. It has been proven that the soothing effects of “positive” music can reduce the risk of stroke and other related disease by a considerable percentage over time. It can also boost the immune system of the body, ease muscle tension, and work as the ultimate stress buster.

Expression of Lifestyle and Personalities

People often express their lifestyles and cultures through music. Even their typical dress codes that go along with each particular style serve as the proof to this phenomena. For instance, genres such as Hip Hop, Punk rock, pop, etc. have continually affected the dress codes people. Therefore, music has the capacity to constitute a large part of the lifestyle of a person.

Escape From Reality

During the times where slavery was around, slaves used to combine biblical principles ingeniously with music to escape the harsh reality. These songs are still present today and may never be forgotten as they instill so much hope, even if slavery is gone. Music also serves as refuge, to escape the harsh reality of life. We just have to listen to music!

Music is simple amazing. Since it is also very dynamic, it is and will continue to be a very powerful tool to empower and enrich our lives. It is in short our steady life companion.

Online Guitar Lessons Help People Learn To Master The Guitar

Playing a musical instrument is a great way to alleviate some of the stress people experience each day. The problem people tend to have is trying to find greatonline guitar lessons. In fact, some people have to travel for several hours before they can reach a music instructor to teach them. However, this does not downplay the fact that people want to learn to play. To avoid this type of travel issue, people need to know about how the online guitar lessons will help them in getting to master the guitar and play it like they have had lessons from all the masters.

Typically when people find the online lessons for playing the guitar, they will notice the lessons start off at the basics. This way people will not feel overwhelmed, but what is funny is this is the exact same thing they would start off with if they were sitting in front of the instructor. So people will notice the quality of the instruction is the exact same as what they would be getting if they had traveled hundreds of miles to go and see an instructor.

Teachers who are doing to online lessons are typically the same instructors who would be doing classes for people in person. The difference is these instructors have learned how to teach the guitar to people in person and online. So they are able to properly write the course and do the videos to make sure people are able to follow what they need to for learning. So people will finally get a good idea on how they are supposed to play. However, to guarantee a good instructor is teaching the online course, people need to make sure they look at the credentials of the instructors. This way they can know for certain if the instructor has the experience they are claiming to have.

Cost of the courses is something else people will enjoy. A lot of times the reason why people have to stop playing a musical instrument is they cannot afford to continue with the lessons. This is because a lot of the lessons cover the same topic over and over, which means people are spending money to go to an instructor for the same thing each time. However, when people are going to the music lessons online, they are able to download the lessons and this helps them keep repeating the same lesson, until they have mastered it without spending a dime extra on lessons to get the same concept.

Repeating of lessons is something people tend to do when they are taking lessons with an instructor. However, with these repeats, they have to wait until they go to their next lesson. When people are taking the lessons on the Internet, they do not have to wait for their next lesson to repeat a lesson. Instead, people are able to take the lesson right away and know that it is going to be able to help them. This repetition is what makes it possible for people to learn how to play the guitar quickly and easily. However, the Internet lessons makes it even easier because it allows people to repeat the lessons as often as they want to.

Timing is very important for people when they are taking a music lesson. They do not want to be distracted when they are taking the lessons, but at the same time they do not want to be coming from work or some other location that caused them stress to go learn something new. With this in mind, people will enjoy the online guitar lessons because they have a chance to learn about the topic when they want to. Instead of having to rely on making an appointment for the lesson and run late to it. Not only that since people will not be stressed out, they tend to concentrate better and this means people start to learn the lessons and understand them.

Playing of songs is a good thing to do and a great way for people to learn how to play the guitar. When people are able to learn some of the songs, they will start to see how the hands are positioned on the guitar and gain confidence in how they are able to play the guitar. So people will finally be able to gain confidence in what they are doing and how they are playing the guitar. Without this type of lessons, people may struggle to get the right learning experience because they are not learning the right way to play the guitar.

Generally people will enjoy the fact they are able to see the videos and stop them to see the exact aspect they are trying to find. When people are able to get this information, they can start to learn where they are going wrong with their hand positioning. Then people will start to get the right finger and hand position, which means they are going to get the right sounds for their guitar playing as well. Without this type of help, people may have trouble in getting to play the guitar, even if they are taking lessons with an instructor in person. However, the chance to replay the videos and pause them is a good thing because this will help people in getting to learn what they are doing wrong.

As many people have found out, playing a musical instrument is a great thing to do and a wonderful way to relieve some stress. The problem that a lot of people have is they are not sure who in their area is going to teach them to play. This is when people need to know how the online guitar lessons are able to help them in mastering their guitar lessons. By knowing this information, it is easy for people to get the right online lessons for guitar playing found.